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2 Questions to Consider Before Installing a Dedicated Level 2 EV Charging Station

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In an attempt to be more environmentally responsible, you may have recently purchased an all-electrical or hybrid car instead of buying a gas guzzler. While you may have been given a level one charger that will plug into your normal outlets, you may have decided to have a level 2 electrical vehicle (EV) charging station installed in your home. However, you may be trying to decide what features you would like. If so, begin the selection process by asking yourself the following questions before having the station installed.

1.  Do You Want to Use Your Home's Electricity or Solar Panels?

The first question you can ask yourself when trying to decide on which EV charging station to have installed is about the energy source you wish to use. Does your budget only allow you to use your home's existing electrical source? Or, do you have a little bit extra money and would like to further your environmental efforts by having the station's electricity supplied by solar panels?

If you wish to simply use your home's current electrical source, the electrician will create a dedicated line from your breaker box and install the appropriate outlet for your particular vehicle's make and model. However, if you wish to use solar energy, they can set up the solar panels and run the wiring to your desired location.

2.  Do You Wish to Have Security Features Added to the Station?

After deciding the energy source for your EV charger, the next thing you may want to ask yourself has to do with security. Especially if you are using your home's current electrical system, you may not want a neighbor to make use of the charging station while you are at home, as this would increase your monthly energy usage and cost.

If you decide that you need a security system, there are a few options from which you can choose. You can have a lock-and-key system placed over the charger itself, or you could have an electronic lock that requires a pin. Or, if you want further convenience, you can see if you can purchase a charging station that can be activated by your car's key fob. 

Asking yourself the above questions can help you begin the process of selecting a charging station that will suit your and your household's needs. For more information on selecting a system as well as the installation process, contact an electrician who offers EV charger installation services. For more information on these, turn to companies like Shocking Difference LLC.