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3 Areas Of Your Home That Can Benefit From Smart Upgrades

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Smart electrical systems allow you to automate electrical functions or control them remotely. If you have a 'dumb' home, here are some areas that you should consider upgrading to smart.


If personal and property security is important to you, then you can take one more step towards securing your home by installing a smart security system. Such systems came in various ways, but the following are some of the most basic you can start with.

Smart Doorbells: Smart doorbells have hidden video cameras that stream footage of whoever is on the door. That way, you can gauge whether it is safe to open the door, depending on what you can see, before doing so.

Smart Locks: Smart locks come with varying smartness. For example, some smart locks require electronic keys instead of or in addition to physical keys. Some of them also have sensors that sense your presence (technically your phone) before opening.

Smart Security Lights: These are security lights that you connect to the internet and monitor from anywhere. That way, you can switch your security lights on or off even if you are not at home. Some can also be programmed to come on and off and predetermined times.


You can also install smart lighting solutions for your comfort and benefit. The easiest way to do this is to buy smart bulbs, which you connect to your Wi-Fi and can monitor from a mobile device (such as a smartphone). Some of the smart lights allow you to change bulb brightness, change bulb color, or switch bulb off or on remotely. Some of the smart bulbs can also be programmed to switch off or on at specific times.

Heating and Air Conditioning

When it comes to your heating and cooling system, there are two main forms of smartness that can benefit you. First, you can install a smart thermostat that you can connect to your home internet and control from remote locations. That means you can start heating or cooling your home before you arrive. You can also switch the heating or cooling system on or off remotely.

Secondly, you can install a smart thermostat with an integrated AI (artificial intelligence) program that learns your heating and cooling habits. The thermostat will learn when you want to turn up the heat or cool the house, when you want to switch off cooling, when you are away and want to turn off the AC or furnace, among other things. After some time, it can control your heating or cooling without further settings from you.

Learn more about these and other smart upgrade options by contacting local electrical contractors.