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Feedlot Electrical Issues You Need A Commercial Electrician For

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When you own and operate a feedlot, you know time is money. Every single day, you invest large sums of money into the cattle you feed and care for. Money goes into the electrical needs of your facility, and you use ample amounts of electricity a day to heat your water troughs, keep chutes running, manage lighting, and keep generators and refrigerators going. When you have an electrical issue, your cattle are put at risk and can even die.

Since you rely on a safely running feedlot to keep your cattle in check and your business going strong, your job as a feedlot owner and operator is to know when an electrical problem is happening. Even if you have a handyman on site to manage the daily needs of your feedlot, any electrical issues you have moving forward should always be given care by your commercial electrician. Here are signs you need to call your commercial electrician for your feedlot's needs.

Lights are not working as reliably as they should

Are the lights operating your feedlot at night blinking on and off? Are interior lights failing to work, or only work when certain machines are not in use? You may have an electrical surge or failing breaker somewhere in your feedlot's electrical system that can eventually fail completely and leave you without power in many parts of your facility. A commercial electrician will diagnose and treat any electrical problems you have.

Power bumps are occurring on the regular

A single power bump can slow feedlot production or put cattle at risk. A power bump is often caused by issues outside your control, such as weather, but it can also be caused by outdated wiring or by using too much voltage in one area of your feedlot at once. Every time you have a power bump, especially if they are occurring on the regular, you risk machinery wear down, up your chances of having an electrical fire or other disaster, and make your feedlot less reliable to operate. Start making notes of when and where these power bumps occur so you can relay this information to your commercial electrician.

A commercial electrician can be contracted to work on your feedlot regularly, keeping your electrical components in check. Or, you can use these services when you need repairs only. You'll get a quote for services when you get a consultation so you know how much regular commercial electrician services costs.