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3 Types Of Under Cabinet Lighting To Use In Your Kitchen

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If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen, don't forget about the under cabinet lighting in your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting can help provide task lighting that will help you prepare your food under better lighting. Under cabinet lighting will also help provide you with more layers of light in your kitchen, which will help make your kitchen more functional. When it comes to under cabinet lighting, you have multiple options. 

Under Cabinet Lighting Option #1: Puck Lights

Puck lights are designed to look kind of like a hockey puck. They are circular in shape, and usually at least a couple of inches thick. They have a round light shape that can help evenly spread out the light under your cabinets. They emit a low-warm color of light. They are easy to adhere to the underside of your cabinets and can be hardwired, or battery operated.  

With puck lights, you can use different types of light bulbs in them. Puck lights support either xenon, LED, or halogen lights. If you are looking for the warmest and most long-lasting light option, go for puck lights that are powered with LED bulbs. 

Under Cabinet Lighting Option #2: Tape Lights

If you are not looking for task lighting and you are really just wanting to layer the light in your space, you may want to try some LED tape lights. These lights are attached to what looks like a roll of thick tape or padding. The strips are really flexible and have a sticky back side so that you can stick them in place.  

Tape lights don't produce a bright light -- think more like the light of a really chill night light. Tape lights are great for accenting a certain area. Most tape lights run on batteries, so your LED tape lights should run for hours without needing a new battery.  

Under Cabinet Lighting Option #3: Light Bars

Another option is a light bar.  A light bar will screw into the underside of your cabinet and are designed to be mounted right under your cabinets. They kind of look like overhead fluorescent lights -- the light comes out in a long bar, and the light has a rectangular structure to it.  

Light bars are great for providing task lighting and should go under cabinets where you know you will be doing work, such as cutting up vegetables and mixing together cakes. Light bars can provide lights that parallel the structure of your cabinets. They are usually hardwired. The best light bars are run on LED lights that can last for years without needing to be switched out. 

When it comes to lights for your kitchen, be sure to layer with under the cabinet lighting. Puck lights are great if you want under the cabinet lights without having to hardwire them in place. Tape lights are great if you want to create light that is more about the ambiance. Light bars are great for providing high-quality task lighting, and they are usually hardwired in place.  

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