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Upgrading Your Home's Electrical System With Solar Panels

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The addition of solar panels to a house will be a common upgrade to make as it can provide immediate benefits in the form of lower energy costs. Due to the fact that this is an upgrade that will impact the electrical system of the house, it is necessary to become as informed as possible about these systems before you will be able to decide on installing them.

Myth: Solar Panels Provide Unreliable Power

A homeowner might have worries that the solar panels will provide unreliable power for the home. This is due to the assumption that rain, clouds, and nighttime will render the solar panel system useless. However, the performance impacts of these situations will be minor. Generally, cloud cover will not impact the performance of the solar panels. Furthermore, battery storage systems will allow for these systems to continue providing power to the home even when the panels may not be able to actively produce electricity.

Myth: Intense Maintenance Is Needed To Keep Solar Panels Running

Solar panels are extremely low-maintenance upgrades to make to a property. In most cases, the solar panels will only need to ensure they are kept clear of debris and dust to keep them functioning. For those that have invested in solar panels with motorized bases, more intensive maintenance will be required, but this will still be fairly minor as the motors will only need to be serviced every couple of years.

Myth: Homeowners Can Easily Install Their Own Solar Panels

A homeowner may anticipate that installing solar panels is nothing more than adding the anchors to the home and placing the panels on it. However, it is still necessary to connect these panels to the home's electrical system. Furthermore, installing them to the exterior of the home can be more difficult than you think, due to the need to keep the panels secure despite the risk of high winds occurring.

Myth: You Must Disconnect From The Local Utility Grid If You Install Solar Panels

It is extremely common for homeowners to utilize solar panels to minimize the amount of power that they draw from the local electrical grid. However, they will remain connected to the electrical grid in the event that the home's electrical usage exceeds what the solar panel system can provide. In these instances, the system will automatically switch to draw more power from the electrical grid. This will allow for these systems to keep your home powered as reliably and efficiently as possible.

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