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Still Using Your AC In The Fall? Give Your Compressor A Quick Checkup

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For many residences around the United States, fall marks the end of summer and the beginning of cold weather. But for some residents, fall can still be hot and humid enough to keep their cooling systems running. If you still need to cool off your home, give your AC's compressor a quick checkup. The checkup can ensure that your cooling system runs smoothly now and later on next year.

Why Does Your AC Need a Quick Checkup?

Some areas of the United States can experience intensely hot and humid weather throughout the summer. In order to manage the heat or stay cool within your home, you might run your air conditioning system nonstop. However, cooling systems that run nonstop can develop small problems from their efforts, including compressor motor issues.

The compressor motor may be one of the most vital components in your cooling system. The motor receives and processes all of the heat that travels through your air conditioning units. Age, longtime wear and tear, and electrical wiring problems can all compromise the integrity of the compressor over time. Compressors that remain under stress can eventually quit working altogether. 

Performing a quick checkup on the system's compressor motor can help you avoid failure and other issues later on.

How Do You Give Your System a Quick Checkup?

If you feel at ease doing so, you can perform a quick checkup on your cooling system yourself. But if you don't know where the compressor is or how to access it, it may be in your best interest to have a professional electrician or HVAC contractor do the checkup for you.

The compressor sits in the heart of your outdoor condenser unit. In order to access the compressor, a contractor may need to remove the unit's outer shell or casing. A contractor may also need to test the electrical contacts, capacitors, and refrigerant lines supporting the compressor

In addition to diagnosing issues with the parts previously mentioned, a contractor will also need to inspect the condenser coil and fan housed inside the unit. The coil and fan should be capable of receiving and expelling all of the heat your compressor processes throughout the day and night. If the checkup reveals anything wrong with your compressor and/or other parts, a contractor will follow the appropriate procedures to repair them.

If you need help checking your AC's compressor, schedule a maintenance visit with a residential air conditioning contractor today.