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Installing A Commercial Generator, And Why You Really Need One

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Owning an office building with multiple floors means that your building is constantly consuming electrical power like it is going out of style. There is a pretty good chance that your electrical bill is astronomical as well. What if you could decrease the costs just a little bit, and maybe even give your building a power boost? Additionally, you would not suffer any brown-outs or blackouts when the rest of the commercial buildings around you are all dark for minutes to hours on end. All you would need to do is install a commercial generator. Here is how that process goes, and why you really need one. 

Ground Floor or Basement

It is ideal to place a massive commercial generator inside the building, particularly on the ground floor or in the basement, if the basement level exists. Here, the generator will be protected from the elements and all power boxes to the building are usually located close to the generator in order to reap the benefits of the power produced. These big generators are also too heavy for floors above to hold without eventually collapsing, so the ground floor or basement it is. 

Once Purchased, the Installation Process Takes a Few Days

Your commercial electrician will need a few days to get the generator into position, install it, and connect it to all of the power boxes and control switches in the building. Expect that there will be times on different floors when not everyone has power. If you can get an electrician to do the job over a weekend and your building is typically not loaded with people working over the weekend, this is ideal. However, it will more than likely be during the week, and people will have to rely on rechargeable devices to conduct business. 

Why You Really Need a Generator

The generator ensures that you will never suffer a power interruption that will also interrupt business. The power may flicker on and off for seconds to a minute, but then the generator kicks in and generates the electricity for the entire building. Calls may be lost temporarily during these very quick power outages, but it is nothing like losing all of the power in the entire building for hours. When that happens, the only thing anyone can do is go home and wait for an electrician to fix the problem. With the installation of your own generator in the building, it is always business as usual.