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Providing Your Business With Emergency Power

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A power disruption can cause your business to cease functions until the power is restored. However, you can minimize these disruptions by choosing to install an emergency generator that can be used until the local power company is able to restore power to your building.

Ensure Core Appliances And Equipment Are Supplied With Enough Power

It is important to appreciate the fact that key pieces of equipment for your business may have especially intensive power needs. As a result, you will need to put thought into determining the amount of power that you will need the generator to provide when it is active. Otherwise, you could find that core pieces of equipment are unable to function on generator power. Depending on your building's electrical system's design, it may be possible to route the power from the generator to core equipment first before proceeding to the rest of the building.

Consider Whether Your Business Needs An Automatic Generator

With a standard generator system, you will need to manually activate it when you are wanting it to generate power. For many businesses, this may be a sufficient solution. However, there are some businesses that may have a need for a generator that can activate automatically when there is a power failure. This can be especially valuable for businesses that have large amounts of food or other products that could spoil if they are allowed to get too warm. Luckily, automatic generators are not much more costly than manual units, but they can allow you to ensure there will be emergency power to the building without needing to be present to activate the system. When choosing a system, it can be beneficial to choose one that has a fuel tank that will be able to hold enough fuel to power the business's core equipment through the overnight periods when no one is present. This will avoid the risk of an overnight power failure causing your business to lose products or supplies to spoilage.

Install A Battery Backup For Servers

An automatic generator will be able to rapidly start producing power for the building. However, it is important to be mindful of the fact that there will still be a delay between when the power failure occurs and the generator produces power. For most pieces of equipment, this will be unlikely to cause a significant problem. However, computers will shut down and lose data when this occurs. Having a battery backup in place will allow your business's servers and other key computer systems to remain on until the generator starts to supply power.

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