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Why LED Lighting Is Environmentally Friendly

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Most people are aware of the benefits recycling has on the environment; however, many people are not aware of how LED, or Light Emitting Diode lighting helps decrease carbon emissions. Using LED lighting in your commercial business has many positive environmental advantages. If you are considering getting new lighting for your warehouse or parking lot, contact a commercial electrician services professional to learn more about eco-friendly LED lighting. Here are some ways LED lighting can help improve the environment. 

Non-Toxic Materials

Many commercial businesses use fluorescent lighting, which is thought to contain a number of toxic chemicals. When fluorescent strip lighting components are discarded into landfills, they can emit dangerous vapors including those caused by mercury.

Because fluorescent lights contain mercury and other harmful chemicals, they need to be disposed of properly. You will need to make arrangements with a waste carrier who is licensed to haul hazardous materials. When your business switches over to LED lighting, you're helping to protect the environment from toxic waste and you will be saving money on waste carrier fees to dispose of your fluorescent light bulbs.

Another reason for switching to LED lighting is because doing so may improve the air quality in your work environment. If fluorescent light bulbs are compromised in any way, they may release toxic vapors into the air which can make your employees sick.

Energy Efficient

LED lighting is much more energy efficient than both incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. Using energy-efficient light sources for your commercial businesses helps reduce greenhouse emissions and decreases the workload of power plants.

You'll also need fewer LED lightbulbs to achieve the same brightness level emitted by incandescent and fluorescent lights, which decreases energy consumption and helps the environment. Using bright LED lighting in your commercial parking lot may also help keep your property safer and reduce the risk of car accidents.

In addition to energy efficiency, when you use LED lights you will not have to replace them as often, which means that fewer environmental resources are needed to manufacture the lights, package them, and ship them. 

If you want to learn more about how LED lighting can enhance your business while helping the environment, contact a commercial electrician services technician. He or she will evaluate your property to determine where LED lighting placement should be implemented so that you can save money, conserve energy, keep your employees healthier, and reduce the environment's carbon footprint.