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How To Avoid Mishaps During A Power Outage

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When you have a power outage, there are many actions you might take that are not as smart as they sound. For example, you might think that lighting candles will provide you with illumination, when candles aren't a great source of light and can also be a fire hazard. There are several other things you shouldn't do when trying to guard yourself against a power outage.

Preserve the Phone Battery

Try to save your phone battery for as long as you can. Your phone can be very useful in emergencies. Try to avoid using your phone as a light because you can easily deplete your battery. You might feel bored, but don't play games on your phone while the power is out. 

Don't Leave Electronics Plugged In

Make sure that your electronics are not plugged in when the power comes back on. The power surge that comes from the electricity returning can damage electronics. Also, if there are signs that there might be a power surge, you will want to turn off electronics and appliances. 

Use a Backup Generator

The best way to be prepared for a power outage is to have a backup generator. However, you'll want to make sure that your generator is working properly, or else you may find that it has broken down when you need it the most, especially during a winter season. It's much harder to have your backup generator serviced when it is damaged in the middle of a snowstorm when you don't have any power. 

Make Sure the Generator Is Functioning Properly

If your backup generator is not working properly, you won't have backup heating for your home. You might experience a flood because your sump pump becomes inoperable. You might also lose your food because you won't be able to continue to operate your refrigerator. 

You will want to hire a backup generator repair service when your generator is not producing any electricity. The generator might not even start, or it may start, but fail to produce electricity. In some cases, it might only produce intermittent electricity, and you might notice lights flickering on and off. You might also notice that appliances that are connected to the generator aren't functioning properly. Whatever the problem you experience, make sure to contact a reputable generator repair service. 

When using the generator, make sure not to store it in the garage. A generator will produce a gas that can be lethal if it builds up in large quantities.