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4 Clean Ways To Add Surround Sound To Your Home

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Adding a sound system to your home doesn't have to include a messy bunch of wires running around your living room. You can install a sound system without having ugly wires everywhere. Here are a few ways you can achieve this goal. 

1. Purchase a Wireless Speaker Set 

One thing you can do to eliminate the wires from the speakers entirely is by purchasing a wireless speaker system. A wireless speaker system offers you a lot of flexibility because the speakers do not have to be connected to one another via wires to work. Instead, the sound is transmitted wirelessly to each speaker. Keep in mind though that unless you purchase battery-operated wireless speakers, you are going to have to plug the speakers in, so there are still some wires that you have to account for. 

2. Purchase a Wireless Transmitter 

If you already have some speaker's set-up, you can purchase a wireless transmitter, which will connect with your existing speakers and help transmit the sound throughout your living room or television space. You can also get a wireless subwoofer system as well. A wireless transmitter will allow you to adapt existing speakers into wireless speakers. You may need to purchase an attachment to use with your existing speakers if they don't naturally have wireless capabilities. 

3. Hardwire New Speakers 

Your wires don't have to be where you can see them. A great solution for getting rid of the wires and creating a clean looking sound system is to run the speakers for your cables through the wall or ceiling. This works best if you are building the room; however, this technique can also be used in an existing building as well. This will allow you to hide all the wires for the speakers. 

4. Install Ceiling Speakers 

Instead of just hiding the wires, you can hide the entire speaker system. You can hide the speakers in the ceiling and have recessed speakers instead of recessed lights. Recessed speakers will allow you to hide the wires for the sound system, and they will also ensure that the layout of your room is not focused on or around where to put the speakers in your home. 

When it comes to adding a surround sound to your home in a clean manner, you can set-up a wireless speaker set, switch to a wireless transmitter, hide the wires within the wall, or install recessed ceiling speakers. For more information, contact local sound system installation professionals.