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3 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Electrical System

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The electrical system in your home is most likely the very same one that was put in when the house was built. If your system has never been upgraded before, it may need to be. This isn't something that most homeowners think about, that is, until they begin to have issues with their electrical system. An over-loaded system will begin to show, and a system that can't keep up will also begin to show as well. Read on for a few signs that it's time to upgrade your electrical system.

 1. Your Lights Dim

If your lights dim when you run your washing machine, plug in your vacuum cleaner, or when your air conditioner turns on, you are most likely pulling too much power from your electrical box and need to upgrade your system. It could also be that you have too much on one of your breakers. You should still have your system looked at to see if there is a way to either change your breakers, or upgrade your system altogether in order for all of your electric to run without worrying about dimming lights.

2. You Pop Breakers

If you pop a breaker each summer when your air conditioner turns on and your swimming pool is running at the same time, or you have something else running together and you pop a breaker often,  it's time to upgrade your system. Your electrical panel was most likely put in in a time when all of these electrical options were not available and in order to keep up with the times you should invest in a new system.

3. You've Added Onto Your House

If you've added an addition onto your house, added any extra rooms at all, an entire wing, or an entirely new floor, you should probably upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate for all of this extra electrical usage. Without an upgrade, you may have an extra electrical box, or you could end up overloading your system that you currently have if it isn't enough for the new addition. Condense it into one electrical box and just upgrade what you already have, rather than having a separate box for the addition, or worrying about an overloaded circuit.

If you aren't sure if you should upgrade your electrical system, these are just a few of the signs that it's time. Talk to a professional electrician, like Gosling Electrical Service, about upgrading the electrical system in your home.